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On (Christian) Unitarianism and 1 Corinthians 8:6

edit: for some odd reason I had misspelt the individual’s name.

I have recently been engaged in a series of discussions concerning the issue of whether Jesus is God or something other than God, namely the Son of God. While your average Christian would see no contradiction in affirming both statements, the individual with whom I had the pleasure of discussing with seemed to have a vastly different understanding of what these terms meant. It was clear that to him, it denoted some inferiority in ontological being yet since I never actually asked him to expound on his understanding of this title, I won’t go into a discussion of it either. Now before I continue with the subject proper, I should mention that this post should be read in unison with these other two as well. Anyway, let us begin. (more…)

Re: Does the Bible recognize equality between men and women?

This is a response to an article by one Ruwayda Mustafah which can be found here. Therein the author makes the argument, and does her best to support this biblically, that according to the bible, women are ontologically inferior to men. I mean this to (hopefully) be a rather quick response to her most pertinent points seeing as, lo and behold, it’s midnight and here am I with nothing better to do than to blog; once again. (more…)

Joshua Evans: Ex-Christian Pt. I

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of Christian responses to our critics. I choose to focus on Joshua Evans’ lecture entitled “How the Bible led me to Islam” (which can be found here). Joshua himself is an ex-Methodist who used to be a youth minister and then subsequently left Christianity at age 17 (?). The previous link leads to a different video in which Joshua gives a brief explanation of his journey to Islam and his misgivings with Christianity. Not that I wish to focus on this video too much but I should mention that he is presented as an expert on Christianity so it does come off as a great surprise that he does not know what it is that Methodists actually believe. (more…)