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Of Gods and Men

This post stems from the abundance of misinformation and subterfuge that is passed off as Christian doctrine around the internet by Muslim apologists. I would rather believe that they just sincerely lack the basest understanding of the Christian religion than to think that they, with full knowledge, lie and mislead their Muslim audience in such a fashion. I say this because I have yet to hear or read of any Muslim apologist that can state, for example, the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, the incarnation, the idea of the Christian liberty, etc. as Christians themselves believe these and then attack it with any semblance of logic to show that, as Christians believe these things to be, they are wholly unintelligible (Here’s looking at you Ahmed Deedat, Zakir Naik, Shabir Ally, Joshua Evans etc.) and just plainly wrong. What’s worse is that I find the same lack of understanding from Christian converts to Islam, to the point where I have to honestly wonder whether it was their lack of knowledge which led to their apostatizing (Hosea 4:6) or whether all their prior knowledge on these matters is somehow dissolved in the process of their recitation of the Shahada? Therefore this post is dedicated to help dispel some common myths on the matter of Christian doctrine. (more…)


Joshua Evans: Ex-Christian Pt. I

This is the first in what I hope to be a series of Christian responses to our critics. I choose to focus on Joshua Evans’ lecture entitled “How the Bible led me to Islam” (which can be found here). Joshua himself is an ex-Methodist who used to be a youth minister and then subsequently left Christianity at age 17 (?). The previous link leads to a different video in which Joshua gives a brief explanation of his journey to Islam and his misgivings with Christianity. Not that I wish to focus on this video too much but I should mention that he is presented as an expert on Christianity so it does come off as a great surprise that he does not know what it is that Methodists actually believe. (more…)